For couples who are also seeking a Premarital Counselor, Rev. Alberto has teamed up with Sheela Hirao at  Oak Creek Counseling Center in San Francisco.  Please inquire about the discounted package deal offered to couples who sign up Sheela Hirao.
Sheela Hirao, M.A., MPH
Marriage and Family Therapy
Individual and Couples Counseling
Oak Creek Counceling Center in San Francisco

(888) 637-7404 x 28,

At Oak Creek Counseling Center, I truly enjoy couples counseling and helping each partner to learn more about one another and think differently about their issues. I practice couples counseling and individual psychotherapy utilizing integrative counseling methodologies such as DBT, CBT, ACT, behavior change, feelings-based and thought-based approaches. I also offer deeper work looking at past influences as well. Current Availability: Monday Mornings, Evenings, and Saturdays

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