AwesomeShot Studios, (408) 347-8630,
Although I have never worked with Oren Arieli from AwesomeShot Studios, I am so impressed by his work that I would book him for my own wedding if I wasn't already married!  I met Oren recently, and he explained how he uses the vows as the narrative for the video and explained his approach for each ceremony to make it unique for each couple.  I was very impressed, so I reviewed his website.  When I saw his sample videos at, I knew I had found a true master of his craft.  Check it out for yourselves and see why this company's name is so appropriate!
- Rev. Alberto Alvarado, Kiss the Bride

Sunset Productions, (408) 306-3490,
Sunset Productions did the video for a wedding I did recently, and I was very impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail.  They were everywhere, capturing everything, without attracting attention to themselves.  The quality of their work is amazing. Below is a link to a sample of the video they did at this wedding. 
- Rev. Alberto Alvarado, Kiss The Bride

Wedding Sample - Calvin and Jasmine from Sunset Productions on Vimeo.