Sources for wedding music

I could give you a long list of recommended wedding songs, but if you can't listen to samples, it will do you no good.  Instead, this page is dedicated to heping you find wedding music lists that actually include links for listening to them.  Some of them can even be downloaded for a fee!

When selecting music for the ceremony, the main question to ask yourselves is:  Do we wish to be traditional or contemporary with the music selection?  If you wish to select traditional music, the most popular selections are:

  1. "Canon in D" by Pachelbel - for the Processional (bridesmaids' entrance)
  2. "Bridal Chorus" (aka "Here Comes the Bride") from Lohengrin by Richard Wagner - for the bride's entrance.  (Note for Jewish weddings:  Anything by Wagner is not recommended in Jewish weddings because Wagner was well known for his anti-Semitic beliefs.)
  3. "Wedding March" from A Midsummer Night's Dream by Mendelssohn - for the Recessional at the end of the ceremony.

Another selection that I like is "Alla Hornpipe" by Handel.  This one might be nice to play after the Recessional music while the guests are walking out.  It is also an alternative to the "Wedding March."  

There are also many contemporary options.  When selecting music, try to select something slow with an easy-to-follow marching beat for the Processional and for the bride's entrance, and something upbeat and celebratory for the Recessional. 

Below are some music selections that you may download for 99ยข each or less from  They are separated into three sections:  Processional Music,Ceremony Music, and Recessional Music.  You may listen to the different choices and share them with your DJ, or you may purchase the MP3 versions to be played on your iPod.  Please note that most CD players will not play MP3s unless they specifically have that feature.  To play songs on a regular CD player, these songs can be downloaded and then converted to a normal CD version (such as WMA format.)  Please let me know if you have questions or need assistance.

Processional Music: Music for the Bride's entrance and the Bridesmaids' entrance.

Ceremony Music: Music for the Unity Candle Ceremony, Unity Sand Ceremony, etc.

Recessional Music: Music for the bride and groom's exit after I pronounce them married.

Additional sources for wedding music are:  

Your local library.  They have many wedding CDs that you can borrow for free! A large selection of MP3 songs that you can listen to and download for $0.99.

WedAlert: This website includes music samples split into ceremony and reception categories, including Ethnic Selections.

Wedding Wire: The wedding music on this website is very easy to navigate.  The even have a Cake Cutting Songs section! Most of the music sounds pretty good, but their version of "Canon in D" is so bad it was almost unrecognizable.

Contact me if you need additional assistance or suggestions.